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1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

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  1ton cattle feed pellet plant have long service life.

  1ton cattle feed pellet plant main drive adopts high accurate gear drive with higher efficiency, steady running and low noise.

1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant1

  Stainless steel conditioner extends the conditioning and cooking time. Axial steam spraying port, improving feed cooking efficiency.

  1ton cattle feed pellet plant is widely used in family and small scale farm, the compressed feed pellet is good fodder for poultry and livestock, and processing sawdust pellet such as chicken, duck, fish, pig, horse, cattle, sheep, deer and ostrich etc. Feed pellet increases the feed use rate and reduce waste.

1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant2

  1ton cattle feed pellet plant adopted mosaic rotating roller, during working process, the roller can be adjusted at will. All functions have reached world advanced standard.

  1ton cattle feed pellet plant is fitted with deironing and overload protection device and protection on the machine is fully considered during the operation.

1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant3

  High precision gear dribing is adopted, resulting in high driving efficiency and stable working.

  The imported bearing and oil seal are used for key positions of drive of the machine so that the machine has long service life and low noise.

1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant4

  1ton cattle feed pellet plant can be fitted with single-layer, multiple -layer jacket conditioners or double-shaft differential conditioner so as to meet the different requrements of producing high grade livestock and poultry feed and aquafeed.

1Ton Cattle Feed Pellet Plant5

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