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1T - 20T Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine plant

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  LoChanp manufactures and supplies complete feed factories with capacities of 1t/h to 20 t/h ( a single line you can chose more lines)- or larger!

  According to customer different feed types, different output configuration can be customized. The capacity of LoChamp livestock and poultry and cattle feed production:

  A pig feed production line : 1 to 20 TPH

  A chicken feed production line: 1 to 20 TPH

  A cattle feed production line: 1 to 20 TPH

  1T - 20T Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine plant flow chat:

  Material Received System - > Crushing /grinding System - > Batching and Mixing System - >Pelleting&Cooling Syste - > Packing System

  1.Material Received System:Impulse dust collector,Bucket elevator,Chain conveyor,Drum pre-cleaner;

  2.Crushing System:Rotary feeder,Hammer mill,Impulse dust collector,Screw feeder;

  3.Mixing System:Impulse dust collector,Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer,Chain conveyor;

  4.Pelletizing System:Pellet mill,Auxiliary conditioner,Counter flow cooler ,Crumbler,Rota-shake sifter;

  5.Packing System:Automatic Packing Scale,Impulse dust collector;

  Feed machine manufacturer - LoChamp

  1.Found in 1996

  2.ISO9001 and CE certification

  3.24 hours service saving, environment and production efficient

  5. 20 Years rich experience on feed machinery

  LoChamp Animal Feed machinery include grinder equipment, mixer equipment, pellet equipment, extruder, electric control, automatic packaging equipment and systems of the globally most advanced technology, widest range and the most international certification. LoChamp livestock & poultry & cattle feed machine have been successfully applied to countless customers worldwide.

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