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cattle and chicken poultry feed production line

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Chickens and cattle poultry feed production line: pellet feed output capacity (T/H) can be customized according to customer's requirements, we can offer from 1T - 40T one line, and even more.

Broiler feed produciton line:Efficient, Health is worth the letter lazy production line

Raw material:maize, wheat, corn, sorghum, black wheat, powder, white rice, rice bran, rice bran, and its products, oats and barley, tapioca flour meal, peanut meal, rapeseed meal, cotton, whey powder, meat meal, fish meal, blood meal and feather meal and so on .



Advantage of poultry feed produciton line:

Cattle and chicken feed processed after modulation, can more convenient chicken feed, improve the nutritional value;Improve the flavor and palatability, reduce the cost.

Typically, larger particles of grain, seed hull solid type, meal type and hay, dry leaves used directly in chickens, is not conducive to digestion and absorption of chicken should be crushed or ground to use later, but not crushed or grinding too small, beans, potatoes, Valley real class and animal feed (such as crab, raw fish scraps) quenched after aging, increase palatability, easy to digest, and can kill harmful bacteria.

Flow chart of poultry feed production line:

Raw material receiving--> cleaning system--> grinding system--> batching and mixing--> pelleting system--> cooling and screening system--> packing system



Successful animal feed production line project solution case : such as Poland in Europe 3 t/h straw pellet line, Slovakia in Europe 2 t/h animal pellet line , Afghanistan in Asia 10t/h Animal feed production line , Saudi Arabia in Asia 5t/h pellet + 10t/h powder feed line ...

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