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  Feed Types: laying hens, chicken, cattle, duck, goose, quail

  Pellet Diameter: 2.0 ~ 4.0 mm

  Feed Capacity: 1-20 tons/(a single line)

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  Poultry feed plant for animal feed plant , poultry pellet and mash feed plant.It is applicable for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms. Also, LoChamp Brand poultry feed plant is suitable for livestock, poultry and aquatic product farms to produce feed the raw materials can be wheat, corn, maize, bean, rice husk.

  LoChamp Group understand your need for high productivity and low costs. Our poultry pellet feed mill equipment is guaranteed to increase your production capacity by 15 percent over belt driven equipment. Our gear drive design provides you with minimal impact on slowdowns and cuts power usage so you save money.

  NOTE : Fully Automatic Cattle Feed and Animal Feed Computerised Plants : 5TPH to onwards with Autobatching and Auto Weighing / Bagging Systems.

  Introduction of poultry feed production line | plant:

  1. Main engine drives with high precision gear, ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type, output is 20% higher then belt driving;

  2. Equipped with steam automatic regulatory system to keep refining temperature constant.

  3. Adopt international advanced ring die processed by heat treatment vacuum furnace, lengthen useful life and pellet is more smooth with high quality;

  4. With full stainless steel dorr, flume and pull cutter which is convenient and reliable;

  5. Advanced and reliable over-load protection;

  6. The bearings adopts Sweden SKF bearings.

  7. The 1.5-12mm models are equipped with a wide range of pore size and thickness between the ring mode, the user needs according to different arbitrary choice in order to get the best technical and economic benefits.

  Flowing Complete poultry feed plant processing :

  Material Received System -- > Crushing /grinding System -- > Batching and Mixing System -- >Pelleting&Cooling Syste -- > Packing System

  You can send the E-mail: OR . Any time you call 400-0391-891 customer service phone, we will be warm, professional and efficient to solve the problem for you. To do it right the first time, is the demand for our products, also on our service requirements.

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