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Feed mill plant 5-10 T/H poultry animal feed pellet plant

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  Feed mill plant 5-10 T/H poultry animal feed pellet plant usually been called animal feed pellet plant by us , Also, you can say animal feed plant are livestock and poultry feed production line .

  The Animal livestock and poultry feed production line is designed and manufactured by LoChamp Group , the cattle feed production line main include the raw material system , the feed crushing & grinding system , the mixing system , the feed pelleting system , the bagging packing system ....


  5-10 T/H poultry animal feed pellet plant :

  About the capacity of the poultry feed pellet plant is 5-10 T/H , you must notice that how to choose the feed mill equipment , the single feed machine information including the power, the capacity , the feed machine intriducion . Also ,the capacity can change according to your needs.

  LoChanp manufactures and supplies complete feed factories with capacities of 1t/h to 20 t/h ( a single line you can chose more lines)- or larger!

  About the 5-10 T/H poultry animal feed pellet plant flow chat :

  Material Received System -- Crushing System -- Mixing System -- Pelletizing System -- Packing System

  About our company: We are a factory specialized in the research and development of feed machinery ,there are 20 years experience . Especially poultry feeds, livestock feed and cattle feed plant and the chicken feed plant .

  1. Q: How can I get to your company?

  A: You can get a flight to Xinzheng Airport. We are just about 40- 50 mins away from Xinzheng Airport.

  2. Q: How long is your guarantee?

  A: One year(Calculated from the equipment arrives the customer’s side.). After this period we are sure support you when needed. You will be welcome to contact us with any problem may happened.

  3. Q: Will you send engineers to install the plant?

  A: yes, but at an extra cost payable by the customer. Or you can get local contractors to do the commissioning and we send one supervising engineer.

  If you have some question about the animal feed plant , how to bulid the animal feed plant , and the price of the aniaml feed plant and the quotation of the complete aniaml feed plant , you can contact me with the E-mail : OR

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