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1T - 20T capacity reliable poultry pellet feed plant

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  Features of the poultry pellet feed machine

  1.High output and efficiency.

  2.Promising fodder output evenly and continuously.

  3.New disigned model,and compact structure.

  poultry pellet feed plant manufaturer - LoChamp

  LoChamp has engaged in feed machinery for 20 years and thus has rich experience on feed machinery after repeated attempts and trials. We devote ourselves to undertaking all animal feed manufacturing plant 1-20T/H and to providing more value added service to all the customers.

  Kinds of capacity reliable poultry pellet feed plant :

  According to customer different feed types, different output configuration can be customized. The capacity of LoChamp livestock and poultry and cattle feed production:

  A pig feed production line : 1 to 20 TPH

  A chicken feed production line: 1 to 20 TPH

  A cattle feed production line: 1 to 20 TPH


  LoChamp Group - Our company based on market needs developed feed pellet machine, feed pellets is a new machine uses raw materials are straw, wood chips and other raw materials. The product is now solved the problem of biomass is difficult to make the trip, gear making it uses very sophisticated, and its yield than the belt conveyor to increase about 15% of it. Feeding different ways used to feed the inverter materials to ensure uniform feeding, it is feeding chute side, easy to feed people labor movement; after purchase free installation, and operating techniques, until the user satisfaction.

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